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reThink Wood values and endorses research that pushes boundaries and helps shift perceptions about building with wood. From stress test results and material comparisons to product advancements and the latest innovations, you’ll find everything you need to choose wood with confidence.

We are continually updating our library of research to provide the latest information on mass timber building products. If you can’t find a particular document or have new research to share, please let us know at info@reThinkWood.com.

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Timber Shell: Wood In Building

Contemporary design technology has given architects the ability to imagine and visualize complex structures to an extent that is currently beyond our ability to effectively fabricate and build. The described research is intended to mediate...


Outlook For Cross-laminated Timber In The United States

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a building system based on the use of massive, multi-layered solid wood panels. Although CLT as a construction system has been successful in Europe, only a handful of CLT projects have been built in the U.S. This...


CLT: Some Building Science Aspects for building with CLT

The following pages give a comprehensive overview of the building science related aspects of building with CLT. Starting with some material related issues, heat, air- and moisture control strategies are discussed. A special part deals with the...


Damping In Timber Structures

The thesis consists of six main parts. The first part is entitled “Contexts”, and is composed of four chapters. A general overview of the wood material and its structural use in buildings is presented in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 gives a thorough...